What is Energy Kinesiology?

An Integrative Holistic Approach (Part Two)

The answer is…whatever works! And here is where the integrative nature of muscle monitoring comes into play. One may draw from the entire universe of the healing arts to find what will work in the specific situation, based on the specific training and experience of the practitioner. Just a few examples include: reflexology, acupressure, massage, nutrition, guided visualization, Therapeutic Touch, tuning forks, and crystal balancing.

As you can see, the possibilities draw from the same areas as the imbalances - physical, biochemical, emotional and energetic. However, it may not be just a physical balancing method for a physical imbalance!

When the body responds to a healing modality by reversing the indicator muscle's stress response, this is the body saying, “Yes! I like that!” Further application of that method will then begin the balancing process. It is possible that

Sound, using tuning Forks, is just one
balancing possibility a practitioner might use

more than one modality may be necessary to bring about balance. The trained practitioner will have the experience to identify this, as well as what other method(s) to use.

In this manner, one is not limited to a single method of healing, but has the advantage of using the specific parts of several healing modalities that are specific to the balancing goals of the person.

As a result of this unique integration method, It is not unusual for one session to include various combinations of healing modalities, based on the specific training and experience of the practitioner, and the needs of the individual.

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