What is Energy Kinesiology?

The Good and Bad of Western Medicine


Western Medicine shines when there is acute injury or illness, and life-threatening intervention is necessary to keep one alive. If I've been in a serious accident, and I've got broken bones and damaged organs, I'm not going to ask for my Energy Kinesiologist to keep me alive! However, I'll certainly want them later to accelerate my healing process, and recover from side effects of drugs that might have been used to keep me alive!

Where Western Medicine falters is with chronic issues. The western approach to these on-going issues is to provide medicine to relieve symptoms. While possibly providing some relief in these on-going, non-life-threatening situations, the medicines usually have side effects. And by failing to address the cause of the problem (usually because it is not easily identified), the relief is often temporary.
Surgery should be a last resort!
Perhaps you've experienced a situation where your doctor didn't know exactly what the problem was, and suggested trying something – an antibiotic or a particular pain reliever for example. Then, if it didn't “work”, something else would have to be tried. Unfortunately, due to western medicine's lack of knowledge about other approaches to healing, even surgery might be recommended and performed when other non-invasive techniques may have been at least as effective instead.
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