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The purpose of this website is to introduce you to Energy Kinesiology – the use of
muscle monitoring – and its basic concepts, philosophy, and usage. By providing this introduction, it is our wish that you will consider the use of Energy Kinesiology in your pursuit of achieving better health, well-being, and a higher level of functioning and happiness in your life.


Towards this end, the following pages contain a basic education regarding Energy Kinesiology, and a means of finding more information, whether about a specific modality, finding a practitioner, or learning how to become a practitioner. We will continue to update the site across all facets, so please come back often to learn more about this exciting and growing field.

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We recommend you navigate through the site using the bar at your left as a guide. Take your time to learn about Energy Kinesiology - its history, how it works, and how it can help. Then check our media page for other resources (coming soon). Now, armed with your new found knowledge, explore the various forms of Energy Kinesiology through the Where to Learn More link.

  Our goal in introducing you to this remarkable tool in is that you find it useful towards achieving your life's goals.

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