What is Energy Kinesiology?

The Energy Kinesiology Advantage: “Your Body Has a Lot to Say”


If your body could speak to you to let you know a problem that could become serious was developing, would you want to know? Or if your body could tell you why you have a pain in your back – and that if you did something about the cause, your pain would go away – would that be valuable information?

This is the advantage that Energy Kinesiology offers in your quest for health.

The body is a very complex mechanism, and the reasons for why we don't feel well often have equally complex histories. While symptoms provide a means of alerting us that things are not for the best, it is an inefficient system. By the time you get a symptom, the function of the related gland or organ may already be 60% or more compromised.

We often have no awareness that what we're experiencing now – a back going out, the pain of arthritis, an illness, depression – has its origins from many years earlier. Perhaps our current problem is due to something we'd never think to be related, or don't even consciously remember!

While a pill might offer quick relief, it is usually only temporary, and runs the risk of side effects. Taking the time to unwind the stress that's at the root achieves longer lasting results. Sometimes, very quick results can be achieved, even for long lasting issues. Instead of using a “typical” treatment or recommendation – which assumes that everyone with the same symptoms require the same solutions – an Energy Kinesiologist communicates with your body to find a solution that works best for you.

By using muscle monitoring to stay in touch with the body, and stay in balance, potential future problems are short circuited as well. Having regular balancing is like taking your car in for an oil change, preventing future problems from happening by taking care now. The advantage of using Energy Kinesiology is that the information comes from the source – you!

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