What is Energy Kinesiology?

An Integrative Holistic Approach (Part One)


Because of the ability to assess energy across all the systems of the body – including physical, biochemical, emotional and energetic – each with a multitude of complex information, the use of muscle monitoring is a truly holistic approach to health and well-being. While Energy Kinesiology may not have all the answers, it serves as an important biofeedback tool that helps to identify stress patterns in the body – information that might otherwise be missed by western medicine and other healing modalities. This well of information that is now available can be used to facilitate healing on many levels, and often includes connections and relationships between events and choices in one's life that may never have been considered as being relevant otherwise.

Assessing energy imbalances is only half the story though! Once identified, one must then find what will help to balance the energy, allowing for healing to take place.

We have seen how muscle monitoring is used to find energy imbalances. Now, we can use this same tool to find what the body's preferred method(s) of releasing the stress that caused the imbalance(s).

It stands to reason that when a muscle cannot hold against 2 pounds of pressure due to a stressor, if we were to find a method of releasing that stress, the muscle response would change. And this is certainly the case, going from an inability to hold caused by the stress, to now being able to hold again. The question becomes, what method of stress release can we use to balance the energy and bring about this change?
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