What is Energy Kinesiology?

Meridian System Balancing


In the original Touch for Health method, each muscle relates to a specific Chinese meridian and its associated body organ. By putting an arm or a leg into a specific position that isolates the function of a particular muscle, and then applying 2 pounds of pressure, one is able to identify if the muscle can “hold” its position or not (see video). By knowing which meridian or organ the muscle being monitored relates to, an “unlocking” muscle communicates that the energy flow in that meridian is out of balance.
If one monitors a muscle for each of the meridians, and applies an energy balancing technique(s) for each muscle that indicates an imbalance, then a complete balance of the meridian system is accomplished. The concept is that, if the energy is flowing freely throughout the meridian system, the body is able to heal itself and have more energy to function.

As an example, a headache is pain experienced as a result of any number of possible causes. Perhaps it is an allergy or toxicity response. Maybe it is an hormonal imbalance. Regardless, this pain is often considered to be a result of over-energy somewhere in the body.

Monitoring a muscle
(This one relates to the Liver Meridian)

(Press play to show movement)

Whenever there is over-energy in the body, there is a corresponding under-energy somewhere else. By working with the body's energy system and drawing the over-energy to the under-energy, the system becomes balanced. The result? The headache vanishes. While a seemingly simplified example, it is not an uncommon scenario.

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