What is Energy Kinesiology?

Indicator Muscle Balancing


Another approach that utilizes muscle monitoring to identify stress is called the indicator muscle system. In this scenario, a single muscle is identified that functions globally as an indicator of stress (rather than just one meridian as in the prior example). This indicator


muscle responds to any number of challenges, in order to communicate whether that challenge is stressful or not.

Challenges generally exist on any of four levels:

  1. Physical (activating a pain, turning the head or body in a particular direction, etc.)
  2. Biochemical (placing a food or supplement on the body or in the mouth)
  3. Emotional (thinking of a stressful situation or relationship)
  4. energetic (creating a disturbance in the body's energy fields, such as the aura, chakras, Figure 8s , etc.).

Using an Indicator Muscle
to communicate with the body

If the indicator muscle response changes due to the challenge on any of these levels, then that is the body saying the challenge is a stressor and would benefit from balancing for the challenge.







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